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Aulos / 6ix9ine ft Vlad Cauchemar

«Aulos Remix» 6ix9ine ft Vladimir Cauchemar / I was commissioned to do my best for one of the best music collaboration of 2018. The concept was «Do you know 69 ? Do you know Vladimir «silver teeth» Cauchemar ? Lets do some crazy things about them» So I think about my first time I went to Paris, at the Eiffel tower, and saw the street gold souvenir. I Decided to mixed it with gold bmw logo, gold eiffel tower and gold the two. Second one is a comic style mix with an homage to one of my best mixtape cover work ever seen «my own worst enemy» by Lil Wayne. I like this idea of one body for two. But the best is 6ix9ine riding a bmw horse, behind gold nightmared moon. It’s my favorite.



Vlad Cauchemard